Green linen Vyshyvanka


Vyshyvanka with an ornament by Rufina Bazlova based on the war in Ukraine. The product is based on 100% linen and babushka threads. The product is available to order in two versions: standard size (with machine embroidery) or bespoke (with hand embroidery).

In addition to the main difference – tailoring to your measurements – you can also choose a silhouette, the option of tassels or their absence, the shape of the cuff or collar, etc.

The production time is 8 weeks.

For more details, please call +38 044 334 32 40

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Bespoke embroidered shirt with handmade embroidery from fabrics of your choice Albini (Thomas Mason), Bespoke embroidered shirt with handmade embroidery from Mileta or stock fabrics, Khaki embroidered shirt of standard size with khaki machine embroidery


48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58

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