Art-certificate “Silver Ear of Wheat”


The harvest of wheat and Ukrainian chernozem are the national symbols of Ukraine, known all over the world.

It is a honour for us to represent such a project before the Independence Day of Ukraine – an art certificate “Silver Ear of Wheat”, which is full of the symbolism of our nation: an ear of wheat sprouting on fertile Ukrainian chernozem in a wooden pot made by Ukrainian craftsmen.

This certificate is available in UAH 50,000 denomination.

So the owner will be able not only to use it, but also to keep it as a souvenir.

To activate the certificate, you need to read the unique qr-code and go to the link to learn the rules:

  1. One certificate can be used only once.
  2. The denomination of the certificate is indicated in Ukrainian hryvnia.
  3. The right to use the certificate belongs to the person who activates it.
  4. To confirm ownership of the certificate, the owner must enter a unique code.
  5. After activation of the certificate, its unique number will be canceled.
  6. This certificate does not spread its denomination for promotions and special offers.
  7. The denomination of the certificate can be used for several orders.
  8. The certificate cannot be transferred and is intended only for the person who activates it.
  9. The validity period of the certificate is 1 year from the purchase.

More details by phone: 044 334 3240

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